QTLeap Best Paper Award

SedMT 2016 will award a best paper award to papers that advance MT with lexical semantics and deep language processing. The award is sponsored by QTLeap (http://qtleap.eu/), a 3-year European Union FP7 project, with the goal to research on deep language engineering approaches in view of breaking the way to translations of higher quality. The award will consist on a 500€ voucher.


It is widely recognized that machine translation inherently requires semantics to obtain meaning representations of source sentences and to generate meaning-preserving target translations. Recent years have witnessed a resurgent huge interest in exploring semantics for machine translation, e.g., employing lexical semantics for word sense and semantic role disambiguation in machine translation, using compositional semantics for phrasal translation, incorporating discourse semantics into document-level machine translation and so on. The emerging neural machine translation (NMT) is also naturally born as semantic machine translation since it heavily relies on distributional semantic representations.

This workshop seeks to build on the success of its precursor S2MT 2015 (http://hlt.suda.edu.cn/workshop/s2mt/index.html), which was held in conjunction with ACL 2015 in Beijing. S2MT 2015 brought together a large number of researchers from the machine translation and semantics community. Its program included high-quality papers examining and exploring semantics in machine translation from different angles and perspectives. It also featured 4 keynote speeches covering topics that cross boundaries of semantics and machine translation, as well as a thought-provoking panel discussion on the gaps and challenges between semantics and statistical machine translation.

This workshop will continue efforts of promoting the shift of interest from syntax to semantics in machine translation, exploring new horizons and cultivating ideas of cutting-edge models and algorithms for semantic machine translation.

NAACL Anti-Harassment Policy

Our workshop highly values the open exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate. We support and uphold the NAACL Anti-Harassment policy, and any workshop participant should feel free to contact any of the NAACL Board members or Priscilla Rasmussen, in case of any issues.