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  • 卢奇, 陈文亮. 中文实体情感表达组合的抽取, CCKS-2017,成都,2017-8-25(最佳论文提名奖)


  • Wenliang Chen, Muhua Zhu, Min Zhang, Yue Zhang, Jingbo Zhu. Improving Shift-Reduce Phrase-Structure Parsing with Constituent Boundary Information. Computational Intelligence Journal, 33(3):428-447, August 2017[J]
  • 陈志鹏,陈文亮. 基于文档发散度的作文跑题检测. 中文信息学报. 31(1):23-30, 2017年[J]
  • 马春平,陈文亮. 基于评论主题分析的评分预测方法研究. 中文信息学报, 31(2): 204-211, 2017年[J]


  • 马春平, 陈文亮. 基于评论主题的个性化评分预测模型. 北京大学学报, 52(1):165-170, 2016年1月[J]
  • Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang, Yue Zhang, Xiangyu Duan. Exploiting Meta Features for Dependency Parsing and Part-of-speech Tagging. Artificial Intelligence Journal, 230(2016):173-191, January 2016[J]
  • Junjie Yu, Wenliang Chen, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang, Building Powerful Dependency Parsers for Resource-Poor Languages. In Proc. of NLPCC-2016, pp27-38, LNAI 10102[C]
  • Wenliang Chen, Zhenjie Zhang, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang. Distributed Representations for Building Profiles of Users and Items from Text Reviews. In Proc. of the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING-2016), pp2143-2153, Osaka, 11-17 Dec. 2016[C]



期刊格式:[作者列表]. [题目]. [期刊名], [卷号(期):起止页码], [年份][J]

  • Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang*, Yue Zhang. Distributed Feature Representations for Dependency Parsing. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 23(3):451-460, 2015[J]

会议格式:[作者列表]. [题目]. [In Proc. of 会议名], [起止页码], [地点], [会议时间][C]

  • Wenliang Chen, Yue Zhang, Min Zhang*. Feature Embedding for Dependency Parsing. In Proc. of the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING-2014), pp816-826, Dublin, Ireland, August 2014[C]

录用格式:[作者列表]. [题目]. [期刊名/会议名], 已录用

  • Wenliang Chen. Feature Embedding for Dependency Parsing. CCL-2017, 已录用