Conference Venue

Soochow University
Address: No. 1 Shizi Rd , Suzhou, Jiangsu 215000, China

Conference City: Suzhou

Suzhou, a city in eastern China's Jiangsu Province, is considered as beautiful as the paradise. A major tourist city, it features classic gardens and elegant natural scenery. It is situated by the Taihu Lake in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze River Delta. The city is famed as the Oriental Venice because it is a water city with numerous rivers, lakes and canals, such as the Yangtze River, Yangcheng Lake, Chenghu Lake and the Grand Canal. Major hills in the area include Lingyan, Tianping, Tiger (Huqiu) and Yushan. Besides classic gardens, Suzhou is also famous for Kunqu Opera and Pingtan (ballad-singing in Suzhou dialect). Among the local products, there are silk; handicrafts such as embroidery, fans, traditional Chinese musical instruments, lanterns, furniture, jade carving, silk tapestry, traditional painting pigments, New Year pictures of wood-block prints, etc; and hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake. As well as various delicious food. Besides, the Gate of the Orient is standing by the Jinji Lake which is known as the World Best Gate. It is designed by Dasui Wang.


                                Zhouzhuang                                                                     Gate of the Orient

Local Host: Soochow University

Suzhou University is the national "211 Project" key construction universities and Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive university. Its main predecessor was founded in 1900 in Soochow University. One hundred and ten years, the southern region of Suzhou University Mu Aura, through seeking the traditional context, bearing "Raising universal goodness, ancient and modern law is perfect," the school motto, forming a fine spiritual traditions and distinctive characteristics, the emergence of a large number of academic masters, Societe pillars of excellence and country, the history of higher education in China has left a sum wiping thick heavy color for social progress and made important contributions to the development of civilization.

In recent years, with the community's strong support, the school is committed to "first-class, internationally renowned" high-level university building undertakings continuously made new progress. The new era of Suzhou University, to educating people, academics for the soul, the master first, the responsibility is heavy, stick to the University of the road, converging world of excellence, the personnel training, scientific research, cultural heritage and innovation, social services, the interchange facility as we have no responsibility or forgotten, duty and career, wisdom and thinking constantly climbing the peak, the service of democracy, scientific, and cultural development.


                        Dongwu University                                                                Clock Building


                                    Library                                                                           Red Mansions


                              Autumn scenery                                                              Ligong Building

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