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  • 知识图谱:目标是构建专业领域(如旅游、金融)的知识图谱,为智能问答和推荐系统服务。
  • 评论文本层次表示:目标是构建评论文本层次化摘要,适应不同颗粒度需求。
  • 语言分析工具:目标是构建高性能的中英文语言分析工具包。DuDuPlus[开源项目],下载地址=

  • 教学
  • 2017年春(大三)信息组织与检索
  • 2016年春(大一)信息检索课程设计
  • 2016年春(大三)信息组织与检索

  • 专著
  • Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang. 2015. Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing, 英文专著 (144 pages), Springer-Verlag, 2015[Book LINK]
  • 最新文章 所有文章详见列表
  • YaoSheng Yang, Meishan Zhang, Wenliang Chen*, Haofen Wang, Wei Zhang, Min Zhang. Adversarial Learning for Chinese NER from Crowd Annotations, AAAI-2018 (Accepted)
  • Zhengqiu He, Wenliang Chen*, Zhenghua Li, Meishan Zhang, Wei Zhang, Min Zhang. SEE: Syntax-aware Entity Embedding for Neural Relation Extraction, AAAI-2018 (Accepted)
  • 卢奇, 陈文亮. 中文实体情感表达组合的抽取. CCKS-2017(最佳论文提名奖). 数据:
  • Wenliang Chen, Muhua Zhu, Min Zhang, Yue Zhang, Jingbo Zhu. Improving Shift-Reduce Phrase-Structure Parsing with Constituent Boundary Information. Computational Intelligence Journal, Feb 2016[J], DOI: 10.1111/coin.12094
  • Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang, Yue Zhang, Xiangyu Duan. Exploiting Meta Features for Dependency Parsing and Part-of-speech Tagging. Artificial Intelligence Journal, 230(2016):173-191, January 2016[J][LINK]
  • Wenliang Chen, Zhenghua Li and Min Zhang. 2015. Linear and Non-Linear Models for Purchase Prediction, Proceedings of the 2015 International ACM Recommender Systems Challenge, September, 2015
  • Zhenghua Li, Jiayuan Chao, Min Zhang*, Wenliang Chen. 2015. Coupled Sequence Labeling on Heterogeneous Annotations: POS Tagging as a Case Study. Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-2015), pp1783-1792, Beijing, 26-31 July 2015
  • Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang*, Yue Zhang. Distributed Feature Representations for Dependency Parsing. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 23(3):451-460, 2015[J]

  • 国内外评测

  • 2015
  • No. 13 from 500+ teams @Recsys Challenge 2015.

  • 2009
  • Top 1 @the shared task (Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies in Multiple Languages) of CoNLL (2009) with Dr. Hai Zhao.  Our submissions achieved: the first in the semantic-only track out of all 20 submitted systems and the second in the syntactic-semantic joint track out of 13 submitted systems for the average score of all seven languages.

  • 2008
  • Top 1 @ English-Chinese cross-lingua task in the CCLQA track of NTCIR-7 (2008) with Dr. Youzheng Wu. Our submissions ranked top 1 @ English-Chinese cross-lingua task, and top 2 @ Chinese-Chinese monolingual task.

  • 2006

     Top 1 @CityU and LDC data sets in the NER task of SIGHAN Bakeoff (2006). Our submissions ranked top 1 @CityU (out of 13 systems), top 1 @LDC (out of 2 systems), and top 4 @ MSRA (out of 14 systems) on close track. Our report is here.

  • 2003

    2nd Place @The text categorization task of National 863 evaluation of China (2003). Our submission achieved the 2nd place.

  • SentiBridge: 实体-情感词知识库,[Github下载]
  • DuDuPlus: 中文依存分析器,[GoogleCode下载]
  • ChunkLinkCTB: CTB中文组块抽取器,[Github下载]

  • 在读学生列表
  • 2017博:郁俊杰
  • 2017硕:郁圣卫、张栋、杨一帆、朱宗奎、周俊佐
  • 2016硕:何正球、杨耀晟
  • 2015硕:卢奇、陈伟(共同指导)
  • 2014本:方晔玮

  • 毕业学生列表(第一去向)
  • 2014硕:陈志鹏(百度公司,2017年6月)、郁俊杰(苏大读博,2017年6月)
  • 2013硕:马春平(阿里巴巴公司,2016年6月)
  • 2012本(毕设):何正球(苏大硕)、杨耀晟(苏大硕),2016年6月

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